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Internet Hasn't Killed The TV Star Yet

(AP / CBS)
Forget for a moment all those predictions of the end of television. Put aside concerns of the increasing number of gadgets and things competing against the small screen. For most of us, it appears, watching television set remains a very popular pastime. In fact, according to a new Nielsen study, we're watching more TV than ever before. From the Los Angeles Times:
Despite growing competition from the Internet, iPods, cellphones and other new media, Americans are watching more television than ever, according to a report released Thursday by Nielsen Media Research.

The average amount of time that U.S. households had a television set on each day during the yearlong 2005-06 TV season that ended last week increased by three minutes from the year before, to a record of eight hours and 14 minutes, the report said.

The average amount of television watched by an individual viewer was also up by three minutes, to a record four hours and 35 minutes a day.

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