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Internet dance star Nathan Barnatt auditions for Kimberly Cole music video

(CBS) - For those who aren't familiar with him, Nathan Barnatt is a fairly popular guy on the Internet, known for both his impressive dance and comedy stylings (and who has been featured here on The Feed before). And when he recently showed up to audition for Kimberly Cole's new music video for "U Make Me Wanna", they had no idea what they were in for. Check it out.

Performing under the alter-ego of Keith Apicary, Barnatt manages to capture everyone's attention with his odd behavior and impressive dance moves. Bravo to Nathan Barnatt for another video that had all of us here at The Feed laughing (and hopefully you were, too)!  So what did you all think of the performance?  Leave me some comment love below with your thoughts.  And to check out more from Nathan Barnatt, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.