Insurgents in Ukraine not giving up weapons even after Geneva agreement

The agreement worked out in Geneva on Thursday to ease the crisis in Ukraine isn't changing much on the ground so far.

The deal involving the United States, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union calls on insurgents to give up their weapons.

However, that doesn't seem to be happing.

CBS News met with pro-Russian separatists who have no intentions of leaving the public buildings they've taken over.

Pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk CBS
They've occupied a building in Donetsk for nearly two weeks, and have barricaded themselves inside with razor wire. The insurgents are demanding a separate state, or at least more autonomy for their region.

They are suspicious of Ukraine's pro-Western government in Kiev, and want closer ties with Moscow.

They have now begun calling themselves the Republic of Donetsk. In the republic's offices CBS News met spokeswoman Yekatarina Mihaylova.

Mihaylova told CBS that they will only leave if there's a referendum on the future of eastern Ukraine, and if rival protestors in the capital Kiev also go home.

Kiev CBS
Kiev is where Ukraine's turmoil began six months ago when pro-Western demonstrators took to the streets and ousted the country's president, Viktor Yanukovych.

Those demonstrators resented Russian interference and support Ukraine's new, American-backed government. But the change in government angered people in the East, the majority of them Russian-speaking.

Some men have armed themselves with Molotov cocktails and told CBS they're ready to fight if the government tries to force them out.

International agreements to end this stand-off have had no impact on the ground, but local authorities are negotiating directly with the separatists to find a peaceful solution and stop Ukraine from splitting in two.