'Insider' Look At Oscar Couples

By now, most of us know Hilary Swank's inspiring story: The girl from a trailer park who had a dream, a dream that came true twice. Swank's second Oscar win made for a memorable acceptance speech.

The Ultimate "Insider," Lara Spencer tells The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith Swank arrived with her husband, Chad Lowe, who was busy watching his wife's back as she made her way down the red carpet.

And for good reason, Spencer says. It was to see how low the backless dress could go before the world saw too much. "While stunning in her Guy Laroche dresss, Hilary Swank laughed and flirted with disaster and joked that 'People, she was not going to crack under pressure.' "

Asked if he had done something special for the Oscar winner, Lowe told Spencer, "I do something special for her all of the time. I try to check in and be there for her for whatever she needs."

So how did they spend the day? "I went for a run. That's always good to do," Swank said.

What was on her mind? Well, not the speech.

"I was just trying to make sure my dress was not wrinkled and that I had a good protein meal so that I could sit through the few hours here that we're here and just sat with my dog, had a nice cup of coffee, my favorite vegan muffin from my best friend, Karen."

Lowe notes, "She's incredibly low maintenance. A walk on the beach yesterday afternoon was all it took."

Swank says, "That's all I wanted to do."

Having been on the red carpet before Lowe offered advice to couples like Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen.

"Watch the train, because the first year I was stepping and tripping all over it."

Joking, Swank pointed out, "If mine gets stepped on, this goes way too low." She pointed out that she had a piece of tape strategically placed.

"I can feel where my [ bleep ] is. Thank you," she told Spencer.

After the awards, she was spotted with Lowe and a few close friends eating a vegetarian burger at the Astro Burger, an all-night fast-food chain. The trophy was on the table.

"So cool," Spencer says, "Other people are sipping champagne and doing room service at a swanky hotel, but not our 'Million Dollar Baby.' "

There were some jokes made by Chris Rock about other couples who seemed to be coming out in public for the first time.

Many say this was the first time ever that DiCaprio met the press with his girlfriend Bundchen. The supermodel wore a stunning gown by Christian Dior.

"Don't be jealous," Spencer tells Smith. "I sat next to her last night on the flight home - about seven men wanted to beat me up - and she is as nice as she is beautiful, I'm happy to say.

"She said they're very private. They've been together five years. They do not like to come out in public, but she felt like she had to be there for him. So she posed for photographs and then she ran down the red carpet. She let him do the television interviews by himself. She was inside, and she said she was so disappointed not only for him, but for Martin Scorsese that they didn't go to a single party."

They were the picture of Hollywood glamour, so Spencer was surprised to learn how DiCaprio spent the day.

"Hung out with my dogs in my underwear," DiCaprio said. "And got dressed up in this tux and prepared toward this big night."

Beyoncé Knowles, who performed three of the nominated songs, also caused a commotion on the red carpet.

Spencer said, "She talked about how she didn't sleep an ounce. What she didn't want to talk about was her date. Although she posed with Jay-Z (the multi-platinum-selling rapper), she'll not talk about it."