Inside The CIA's Interrogations Playbook

The CIA's secret interrogation program was designed " create a state of learned helplessness..." It was an escalating regimen of high-pressure tactics used to convince terrorist detainees they were "in the complete control of Americans..." as CBS News correspondent Bob Orr reports.

A once secret CIA memo - released in response to an ACLU lawsuit - was the playbook used by interrogators to break al Qaeda prisoners starting with their capture.

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On flights to secret CIA prisons detainees were shackled and hooded. Upon arrival, their heads and faces were shaved. They were photographed while nude.

Those detainees who did not immediately provide information on threats and other terror suspects went straight to harsh interrogations.

Prisoners were exposed to constant noise and light. They were stripped, shackled in vertical positions, diapered, fed a liquid diet and deprived of sleep for up to 180 consecutive hours.

To force cooperation interrogators were instructed to use facial and stomach slaps. Prisoners were slammed against walls up to 30 times per session and doused with water.

CIA interrogation teams were authorized to repeat the "enhanced" interrogation cycle with each prisoner for up to a month.

The memo shows harsh interrogations were not the work of rogue operators in the field but rather the core of a carefully crafted program conceived and supervised by CIA headquarters.