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Inside Ron Paul's Fundraising Numbers

CBS News' Joy Lin reports:

The Ron Paul campaign has released a preliminary breakdown of the $5.08 million it raised during the third quarter. The number of donors to Paul's campaign increased from 8,528 to 21,642. 81 percent of the third-quarter total, or 17,461, were new contributors. With Mitt Romney's campaign reporting 23,000 new donors in the 3rd quarter, that puts Paul in the neighborhood of the former Massachusetts governor. Still, Romney raised a total of $18.5 million in the third quarter, $8.5 million of which came from one repeat donor: Romney himself.

The average donation to Paul's campaign was $94.38 and the median was $45.52. Worth noting: The number of contributions to the Paul campaign in the third quarter, 51,696, is more than double the number of actual donors, which means that the average donor likely gave more than once to the Paul campaign. At least 70% of the donations came online, according to campaign spokesman Jesse Benton, and it appeared (anecdotally) that the rate of contributions increased with the implementation of PayPal as a payment system.