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Inside Jaycee Lee Dugard's Photo Shoot

It's been two months since Jaycee Lee Dugard was rescued from a backyard prison in northern California, where she had been held captive there for 18 years.

And for the first time, new photos of her appear in the issue of People magazine, which comes out on Friday.

Peter Castro, People's deputy managing editor, stopped by The Early Show to talk about what that photo shoot with Jaycee was like.

"This is a story that is really about redemption - and it's not a surprise to me that in the People magazine layout she is so happy, beaming with happiness," Castro told co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez. "She's just so happy to be with her family, she's just moving forward."

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Behind The Smile of Jaycee Lee Dugard

Asked what she was like during the shoot, Castro said someone described her as "giddy."

"I don't think she's masking any kind of deep-seeded depression or anything," he said, noting that she was happy to be with her mom.

Castro pointed out that Jaycee had missed 18 Christmases, Thanksgivings and birthdays and that she is happy to be reunited with her family.

Jaycee would only let the back of her daughters' heads be photographed. Castro told Rodriguez Jaycee is "very protective and very private right now" when it comes to Starlit and Angel.

While it may seem like a contradiction to want privacy but appear on the cover of People, Castro said, "She wants to lift the veil on this situation, she wants the world to know she's doing okay and that she's in a very good place right now."

During the shoot, the editor said the girls were pleased to be with their grandmother and that major bonding is going on. He said the family is getting help from a therapist and is using doing horse therapy as one method to grow and build trust.

Watch more of Peter Castro's interview, plus hear from a clinical psychologist:

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