Inside A Secret Mission

Exclusive: On The Hunt With Navy SEALs In Afghanistan

In an exclusive report to air on "60 Minutes Wednesday," Dec. 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, Correspondent Lara Logan gives viewers unprecedented access into the world of Navy SEALs on the hunt in Afghanistan.

The Navy SEALs keep their missions in Afghanistan so secretive that no journalist has ever been allowed to go with them into combat - until now.

Correspondent Lara Logan and her cameraman spent six weeks with American forces as they hunted targets, including Rosie Khan, the most powerful Taliban commander in southern Afghanistan.

She was with the unit that has captured -- or killed -- more terrorist leaders than any other unit since the war in Afghanistan began.

On one mission, Logan accompanied the unit into the heart of the Taliban insurgency, where last-minute intelligence told them they could find Khan. After a brief firefight, cameras captured the unit as they worked with villagers to identify Kahn's dead body.

According to one of the SEALs, Kahn's death will cripple enemy operations in the region while sending a powerful message to other terrorists.

"You'll let it out because you'll want his supporters to know that they are now touchable," he said. "They're not untouchable anymore, so hopefully they'll put down their weapons and say, 'You know what? We'd better quit messing around.'"