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Information Please On China reports on President Clinton's trip to China
President Clinton's trip to China has focused attention on one of the world's largest countries. For further background reading on the People's Republic of China, following is a guide to the country and its culture from partner Information Please.

The Country

China is just slightly larger in area than the U.S. but its population, the world's largest, is about five times that of the U.S. About a fifth of the world lives in China.

Introduction to the land, people and history

The Great Wall: China's landmark structure

The Arts

China is home to the world's oldest living civilization. Its written history goes back 3,500 years. Its oldest know works of art, including pottery, date back to 5000 B.C.

Chinese Architecture: Pagodas and temples

Chinese Art: The world's oldest antiquities

Chinese Literature: A long written tradition

Chinese Music: From opera to the pentatonic scale

The Cities

While most of China's population lives in rural villages and small towns, the country has more than 100 cities with a population greater than 1 million.

Shanghai: Seaport and industrial center

Beijing: Political, cultural and educational center

Hong Kong: Former British crown colony

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