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Infants In Therapy

We expect babies to cry and have trouble sleeping, but could that behavior really be symptoms of anxiety or depression in some infants?

Believe it or not, many parents now bring their babies to a shrink.

Does it help? Or are those parents going too far?

On The Early Show Wednesday, co-anchor Rene Syler reported on the trend, speaking with, among others, child development expert Claire Lerner, director of parenting resources of Zero to Three, and parents at Jonah's Treehouse in Washington, D.C.

Syler says it's not babies' brain chemistry that has changed so much over the years as our understanding of how the infant mind works.

To see Syler's report, click here.

Early Show contributor Robin Goodman, a psychologist, offered her thoughts, as well. She has treated babies and toddlers with mental health problems, and she said the earlier you treat anything, the better.

To watch the Goodman interview, click here.