Infant Held Hostage in Two-Day Standoff with Sacramento SWAT, FBI

Anthony Alvarez is suspected in a Calif. bank robbery and is involved in a two day standoff with Sacramento sheriffs deputies and the FBI
Anthony Alvarez, bank robbery suspect
Robbery suspect Anthony Alvarez (WPIX)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS/KPIX) A tense standoff in Sacramento, between a bank robbery suspect allegedly with a recent history of violence, and multiple law enforcement agencies including the FBI entered its second day Thursday, with a 1-year-old child still in danger.

Sacramento County Sheriff Department Sgt. Tim Curran said Wednesday that robbery suspect Anthony Alvarez barricaded himself inside an apartment after Sheriff's deputies followed a tip from the Concord, Calif. police that Alvarez may be hiding there with relatives, CBS affiliate KPIX reported.

Alvarez is wanted in connection with a May 26 bank heist in Concord, Calif., about 30 miles east of San Francisco, where police say Alvarez entered the bank and demanded money while brandishing what appeared to be a gun. He was given an undisclosed amount of cash from the teller, and then fled on foot. No one was injured in the robbery, according to the station.

However, since then Alvarez has allegedly shown that he is not afraid to use a gun. According to Concord Police Lt. Jim Lardieri, deputies pulled over a car they believed contained Alvarez June 4, but he was able to escape from the vehicle, leading police on a foot chase. At one point police say he fired at a pursuing officer, WPIX reported.

FBI agent
FBI agent with the Sacramento sheriffs SWAT team (WPIX)

The standoff began Wednesday when Concord police traced him to an apartment building in Sacramento neighborhood and, accompanied by FBI agents, alerted the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.

The sheriff's SWAT team was called in when Alvarez, aware of the police presence at the apartment building, barricaded himself inside an apartment with two children inside at around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, according to the station.

One of the children, a 4-year-old, was released after initial contact with negotiators but the 1-year-old child remains inside.

Police say gunfire was fired overnight by Alvarez when officers tried to gain sightlines into the home by breaking a window, and were fired upon, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Sgt. Curran of the Sacramento County sheriff's said that "multiple" exchanges of gunfire had been initiated by Alvarez Thursday morning, the paper reported.

The infant is said to be the child of Alvarez's female cousin. Her family says they don't believe Alvarez means to harm the child, Sgt. Curran told the Mercury News, and Alvarez has not threatened to harm the child.