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Indictment In King Collision

The driver who hit horror writer Stephen King was indicted by a grand jury Thursday on charges of aggravated assault and driving to endanger.

The Oxford County, Maine grand jury found that Bryan E. Smith "did recklessly cause serious bodily injury to Stephen King" as the author was walking along a country road June 19 in Lovell.

Aggravated assault carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. The other charge could bring Smith up to six months in prison.

King, who was walking against traffic, was thrown 14 feet and suffered multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung. He is recovering at his Bangor home. King has said he believes Smith is a danger to himself and others and should not be allowed to drive.

Smith, 42, told police he lost control of his Dodge Caravan because he was distracted by his dog, and has called the incident "an accident without a cause." Smith has said that he is very sorry for what happened, but that the accident should not be treated as a crime.

District Attorney Norman Croteau said the case was not reviewed differently than any other case in which a pedestrian was injured.

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