Indiana man in a hurry to get married, ticketed for 100 mph

Timothy Thompson
Porter County Sheriff's Dept. via CBS Cleveland

(CBS) PORTER COUNTY, Ind. - An Indiana man who was late for his own wedding drove at speeds of up to 100 mph, police say, before they caught up with him in the church parking lot.

In the end, Timothy Thompson, of Valparaiso, didn't get hitched - just hauled off to jail - CBS Cleveland reports.

 Police told the NWI Times that an officer spotted Thompson going an estimated 100 miles per hour down the center lane of a local road about 30 minutes before his wedding was to begin, which was 7 p.m. Saturday.. They reportedly followed his Jeep Grand Cherokee as it nearly flipped into the parking lot at the Nativity of Our Savior church.

Thompson proceeded to do a "doughnut" in the parking lot, which police said created a thick cloud of tire smoke.

Next, CBS Cleveland reports, he got out of the jeep, told police he was late for his wedding and also, estimated he was only doing, "about 90" mph when they first spotted him. Oh, he also told police that his emergency flashers and blaring horn were an indication to other drivers to clear the way for him.

Thompson also informed officers that he had been released from jail earlier in the day. Police arrested him and took him to Porter County jail to be held without bond - and without a wedding.

Thompson faces charges including resisting law enforcement, reckless driving and speeding.