Inbox: No More 'Politics As Usual'

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Not surprisingly, readers are fed up with partisanship, wherever they see it. Whether their fellow Americans look for real leadership next month remains to be seen.
I just read your opinion piece and must tell you that I personally have the same feelings that you have conveyed. As a country, we face many major issues, but the partisan distortion and posturing gets us nowhere. These politicians all act like children and most lack real character, but unfortunately they are more or less forced into it because of the dirty hardball tactics imbedded in today's political process. I must say I have been very upset with the entire Bush administration since 2002 and the Congress of republican enablers who have failed to provide the oversight that the Constitution requires. But when I look at the democratic alternatives, there is real lack of leadership and a coherent message. The real question: is there a person out there who can bridge the partisan divide and extremism, and be a true uniter? In these troubled times the "politicians" need to be booted out and we need real government leaders who once again will be responsive to the citizens of our once great country. I can only hope that voters send the status quo a message in November that we have had enough, but realistically I fear that the system is hopelessly broken due to a general lack of public interest, political corruption, and the seemingly daily issue distortions portrayed in the press.


The danger of articles like yours is that they make it look like both sides are spinning equally and that isn't close to the truth.

You lump both parties together and say they're both doing bad things and should stop and George Bush and party say, "Thank you, that's the best thing you can do for us. Now people will ignore the issue and just call it politics as usual."

The large majority of the spin is coming from the republicans and it's not just spin; it's also outright lies. The constant setting up of straw men and making it sound like the opposition is saying things they aren't saying. These are the things destroying any sense of being able to work together. This administration has gone out of its way to alienate everyone in the world and if their policies had been successful, they'd be trampling over everyone.


Marketing Polarization For Fun & Votes

Sometimes a reader reminds us all that politics is mostly entertainment, until men and women on the front lines pay the price. Partisanship has no place in life and death decisions, but all too often politics finds itself where it is not welcome.
Almost 3,000 of the flower of our youth. Like Vietnam another 3,000 flowers got to be cut down.

God**** the pols for bringing this s*** on. What nit wit starts a war for trumped up reasons?

Media b****es take half the blame for this punk beat the war drum for 10 years, all you draft dodgin' chicken hawk cowboy a**holes. I'm a vet and a father and I can't fathom the depth of loss of the Iraqi people if casualty figures are correct.

Thank you big daddy in DC.


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