In Pennsylvania, Clinton Focuses on the Economy

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

HARRISBURG, PA. -- Hillary Clinton said Monday that the Bush Administration's plan to help regulate the financial markets "comes late and falls short." Clinton went on to say that "no amount of rearranging the deck chairs can hide the fact that our housing and credit markets are in crisis."

Clinton's comments came during an economic roundtable at a local diner, a format that has become very familiar to this campaign. Usually at these types of events, Clinton sits at a table with potential voters who tell stories based on the topic, in this case it was all about the economy.

Both Clinton and Obama have been focusing on the economy over the past few days - the Clinton campaign says it's the most important issue to voters at this time - and Clinton says the roundtables help "put faces" on the problems facing Americans.

Upon her arrival at the Capitol Diner, Clinton stood in the rain to greet a group of truck drivers protesting high gas prices. Clinton went on to invite two of the truckers to join her at the roundtable.

Sitting at the table was Harrisburg mayor Stephen Reed, a Clinton supporter. Reed sat quietly throughout most of the event, but was quite vocal at defending Clinton's candidacy as the event was winding up.

"Senator Clinton didn't just show up on our doorstep in 2008 and said 'I'd like to be president because I think it'd be a neat thing.' She's been busy working for us for years and years and years and frankly, I'm getting a little tired of people who try not to give her credit for that," said Reed.

Reed added, "Senator Clinton has been working for us and it didn't start when she became a candidate for president. It didn't even start when she became a candidate for the United States Senate in our neighboring state. She's a Pennsylvanian who cares about American values and Pennsylvania values."