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In New West Virginia Ad, Clinton Stays Positive

In the wake of this week's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina, the results of which spurred a clear shift towards the notion that Barack Obama will be the Democratic presidential nominee, a number of questions began to swirl around Hillary Clinton. Among them: Can she still win? If she drops out, when will it be? And if she stays in, how critical will she be of her rival?

A new ad from the Clinton campaign, scheduled to run in West Virginia, provides some hints, if no clear answers. On the most basic level, the fact that the campaign is airing the ad at all is a signal that Clinton won't be leaving the race anytime soon. But perhaps more notable is the content of the ad, or, rather, what it lacks: Any casting of Obama in a critical light. The ads from both Democratic campaigns that appeared before Tuesday's primaries, by contrast, often featured direct shots at the opposition.

"She's fighting for America's middle class," an announcer says in the spot. Clinton then says she's looking to "level the playing field" against special interests. The announcer continues: "She'll end $55 billion dollars in giveaways to corporate special interests and invest it in middle class tax cuts and creating new jobs. She'll get tough on unfair trade deals and end tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas."

"Standing up for people who weren't getting a fair shake, that's been the
purpose of my life," Clinton concludes. "And it will be the purpose of my presidency."

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