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In Loving Memory Of Linda

It was Stella McCartney's first fashion show since her mother died, and father Paul McCartney was there cheering in the front row. There was a poignant note to her collection. This one was for her mother. CBS News Senior European Correspondent Tom Fenton reports.

"Every designer's mother is their inspiration. And I'm no different from that. And my mum inspires every day of my life," she said proudly.

Nature prints were an obvious tribute in her latest collection for the French fashion house Chloe. There were musical echoes of the Beatles, and there was a sexy side as well to this collection, shown at the Paris Stock Exchange.

"The inspiration really was just summer, and the mating season, and women feeling good and looking good."

Some of the numbers on the models looked very good, indeed. It's the rock-chick look. The colors were soft, materials were slinky and very low cut. Everything was delicate, fragile, and romantic.

Critics generally liked the show. Stella McCartney was reaching out to a new generation as well.