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In Kuwait: Barry Petersen

Return to Showdown in the Gulf
The rest of the world may be cheering, but here in Kuwait they will be jeering. People here don't want Saddam's name on a deal. They want, as one Kuwaiti put it, his head on a platter.

In Kuwait, people still live with the scars of the Gulf War. Bombed buildings are kept as a reminder of Iraq's invasion. Later this week, Kuwait celebrates liberation day, when allied forces rolled into town.

Political science professor Abdulla al-Shayeji says the scars of the war on Kuwait's people will not heal until Saddam is ousted or killed, a solution he says would be applauded around the arab world. "What we would like to see is to deal with the situation head on, to tackle the issueÂ…to take the bull by the horns and to cut off the head once and for allÂ…everybody will be happy."

U.S. soldiers are hopeful that if the deal sticks they won't be facing Iraqis over the barrel of a gun. "If it's an all out resolutionÂ…it'll increase my mood tremendously," says Major Sargeant Bruce Linde.

"It would definitely be a morale booster," adds Sargeant Mara Spurgin, "you know, everybody would hope that we could find a diplomatic solution because nobody wants to go to warÂ…nobody wants any further conflict."

In the Arab world, this deal won't be seen as the end of anything, it is just another chapter in a book you might title Saddam Hussein: The Man Who Threatens and Frightens and Will Again.

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