In GOP address, Sen. Corker says Obama "punts" on major issues

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(CBS News) On the same day President Obama officially takes his reelection campaign to the public, the Republicans said in their weekly address that President Obama "punts" on major issues.

"The President punts on almost every tough decision," Tennessee Senator Bob Corker said in the video address. "His administration is robbing ... young people of their American inheritance, spending their money on my generation and engaging in nothing short of generational theft."

In the video address, Corker called for "pro-growth" policies that includes tax reform and changes to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. He said reforming those two areas of the economy would "cause our economy to just take off."

Corker offered no details on how to ensure the entitlement programs are financially sustainable for the long-term.

As for the tax code, which has also proven a difficult issue to tackle in Washington, Corker proposed general changes that include closing loopholes and tax expenditures.

"At present, our inability to deal with these issues is our greatest enemy. In other words, we are our greatest enemy. But I also believe it can be our greatest opportunity," Corker said.

The Tennessee Senator also criticized the Democratic-controlled Senate for not introducing a budget for the third consecutive year.

"Failing to accomplish even the most basic responsibility of government is a total failure of leadership and represents everything the American people hate about Washington," Corker said.

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