In Cincinnati, Clinton Goes Back to her Roots

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

CINCINNATI -- Sitting at a table with voters concerned about the state of the economy and with a painting of the city of Cincinnati as a backdrop, Clinton said "I am a candidate of, from and for the middle class of America," adding "that is a great summation of my campaign."

Clinton was hosting what the campaign calls an "economic roundtable" at the Skyline Chili restaurant here. Clinton listened to stories from voters who spoke about home foreclosures to problems with manufacturing jobs going overseas to a woman who lost her son when he was struck by an SUV. But as Clinton listened to their stories and shared some of her policies she still found moments to inject her jabs at Barack Obama. "This primary offers a very big choice," said Clinton.

"You can choose speeches or solutions. You can choose talk or action," she added using her new line of attack she recently unveiled.

Clinton has been using this line over the past few days in an attempt to emphasize the fact that voters are now choosing a president. The campaign hopes that voters will see her as the candidate with more experience.

But as Clinton throws elbows at Obama in her speeches she keeps the focus on the economy. Hoping to relate to middle class Americans, the former First Lady said what America needs is "a fighter, a doer and champion for the middle class again." Clinton added "I am running to be your president…I don't need to go back to live in the White House."

Polls show Clinton leading in Ohio, but she isn't taking any chances, scheduling several campaign stops today including a visit to Cleveland later today.