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In Call To End Partisanship, McCain Camp Jabs Bush, Obama

From CBS News' Jamie Farnsworth:

(CINCINNATI) A memo circulated by the McCain campaign Thursday morning calls for an end to partisan bickering and promotes putting the country before politics. In the same statement, the campaign hits the Bush Administration for having "disappointed many" and hits Sen. Obama for never putting "his career on the line for a cause greater than himself."

The campaign memo goes on to highlight Sen. Obama's decision to forego public financing and slams the presumptive Democratic nominee for frequent "present" votes in the Senate. It also aligns the Obama campaign with the same "old typical politics that have broken Washington."

The McCain memo closes with these words: "We don't need to trade Republican partisanship for Democratic partisanship. We need to put our country first and put our politics second. That is what John McCain has done his whole life, and that is what he will do as President."

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