Impressions of 12 Muppet characters in one minute

(CBS News) Who doesn't miss the The Muppets? Well, if are a fan of Kermie, Miss Piggy and the rest of the gang, then check out Los Angeles-based writer, comedian and "man of a kajllion voices" Brock Baker's impressive take on 12 different Muppet characters. Posted on his YouTube page, he not only impersonates 12 of the famous Muppet characters, but he does it in just a minute, and I would say he gets them all pretty darn right.

So, does this video make you long for the glory days of Jim Henson and "The Muppet Show"? No one could really do it like the original master, but I would say Baker gets pretty close. Maybe he should team up with Jason Segel and try their hand at another remake. Meh, or maybe there is something to be said for leaving the original alone. What voice do you think he did the best? Are there any that you wish he had tackled?