Immigration: "The Most Fluid Of Situations"

Sharyl Attkisson is the Capitol Hill Correspondent for CBS News.
I was with a group of Senators last night who SUPPORT the immigration bill. They divided up names of Republican fence-sitters and called them on the phone hoping to get their commitment to a "yes" vote today to proceed on immigration.

"It's the most fluid of fluid situations," said one Republican Senator. "Everyone is terrified" about what the immigration bill will do to them at home...because so many constituents are against it.

Last night, according to Senate sources, President Bush personally called five Republican Senators. "The White House is in overdrive and is burning the midnight oil," a source told me. This, despite President Bush's prediction earlier this week that immigration would pass.

Some Republicans are disappointed in what they consider "lack of leadership" from their Senate leader Mitch McConnell. Democrats called McConnell "missing in action" during the push for the vote, while the Democrat leader Senator Harry Reid has been out front.

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    Sharyl Attkisson is a CBS News investigative correspondent based in Washington.