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Death toll rises from catastrophic floods in Texas

Death toll rises from flooding in Texas
Death toll rises from flooding in Texas 01:55

Winnie, Texas — The death toll continues to climb from catastrophic floods in southeast Texas. A fourth victim was found inside a car as floodwaters receded in Beaumont.

At least 1,700 people had to be rescued in the region. CBS News saw one neighborhood where the only way in or out was by boat, or by wading through the floodwaters.

Water is invading every part of Dennis Nations' home, who said in some ways, the situation is worse than it was two years ago during Hurricane Harvey.

"It is from an emotional standpoint because we went through it," Nations said.

Tropical Storm Imelda Brings Heavy Flooding To Houston Area
A kayaker paddles the flooded street of Little York on September 19, 2019, in Houston, Texas. Thomas B. Shea / Getty

On the roads, drivers tread carefully through treacherous conditions.

Imelda dumped at least 43 inches of rain on Thursday. Two of the four who died were found in their water-trapped cars. Strong currents ripped barges loose on the San Jacinto River and pushed them into multiple bridge columns, forcing the shutdown of a major freeway until divers can inspect the damage.

Mountains of soggy mattresses are the latest lawn ornaments in Beaumont, as clean-up begins. Nations is not sure he'll ever move back in.

"Things aren't going to get any better. It's only going to get worse" he said.

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