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Illegal immigrant ruled legal holder of $750,000 Ga. lottery ticket

(CBS) HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. - A jury has declared an illegal immigrant from Guatemala the rightful winner of a $750,000 lottery prize.

According to CBS Atlanta, 27-year-old Tony Cua-Toc was in a dispute over the winning ticket with his boss, who claimed in court he was winning ticket-holder because he gave his employee $20 to purchase it for him. But a jury didn't buy that argument.

Cua-Toc, who entered the country illegally in 2000, alleged that the man he worked for, Erick Cervantes, had claimed the winning Jingle Jumbo Bucks lottery ticket for him, and ended up keeping the money, according to the Macon Telegraph.

A Houston County Superior Court jury ruled in Cua-Toc's favor, and the newspaper reports the panel also awarded him $207,000 in attorney's fees - plus he is entitled to punitive damages.

Now that's the ticket.

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