Il Divo: Another Simon Cowell Mega-Hit

A pop-opera super-group may be hard to imagine, but you need think no further than Il Divo to get the picture.

The chart-topping super-group has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide in less than four years since Simon Cowell, of "American Idol" fame, brought its four members together.

Il Divo's latest hit CD, "Siempre," features songs in English, Italian and Spanish, and the group's members come from four countries.

David Miller, of the United States, is a tenor. The others are pop singer Sebastien Izambard, of France, Swiss tenor Urs Buhler, and Spain's Carlos Marin, a baritone.

Il Divo is in the midst of a six-month globetrotting tour promoting Siempre, and the four men who make up the group stopped by The Early Show Thursday.

Miller, who was on Broadway before Il Divo, told co-anchor Julie Chen, "This is on a whole different scale than music theater or opera. This reaches people all around the world, and raises the profile to unimaginable levels."

Marin says it took Cowell almost two years and trips to about 70 nations to find the four Il Divo voices. He says Cowell was "looking for some opera singers. He found me first, then Urs, then David. Then, he thought that maybe he should bring something from pop, so he thought about Sebastian."

And Izarnbard says Cowell spares Il Divo the acerbic comments he's known for on "Idol."

"We never had this kind of relationship, luckily, but -- you know, he says the truth what he thinks about people, the thing about us, you know, he took -- as carlos said -- two years to find the four of us, so he really believes in us and is very trustful."