<i>Graceland's</i> $7M Doesn't Cut It

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A bunch of Elvis impersonators and an animated monkey couldn't sink their teeth into Hannibal to tear it from atop the standings. It remains in the top spot for a third straight week, reports CBS News Early Show Entertainment Contributor Laurie Hibberd in Monday's Box Office Plus.

Hannibal seems unstoppable, she said. Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore continue to dominate the box office. When the movie hits the $130 million mark, it will become MGM's second highest grossing film ever, just behind Rain Man which made $172 million.

Here are the weekend box office numbers according to

  • Hannibal continued doing killer box office business, taking in another $15 million to reach $128 million in all.
  • Down to Earth held on to the second spot with over $11 million.
  • The animated movie Recess: School's Out came in third with $7.2 million.
  • 3000 Miles To Graceland debuted in fourth place with a disappointing $7.1 million.
  • And Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon held on to number five.
Hannibal continues to do well, even though CBS News Early Show Anchor Bryant Gumbel says people who see it think it's not that good a movie.

Down to Earth, starring Chris Rock, held on to the number two spot.

One of the newcomers that did not do well is 3,000 Miles To Graceland. It's only in fourth place, with $7.2 million.

It's about two former cellmates who impersonate Elvis in order to pull off a heist at a Los Vegas casino.

"They didn't really push the Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell thing, but they flooded with these highly advertised trailers," said Hibberd.

She added that "Courteney Cox was terrific in this movie…My husband and I both walked out of the movie and said 'She's fantastic.'"

Bryant Gumbel remains dubious about how good Cox, one of the stars of the TV show Friends, could have been.

Hibberd said that there's nothing good she can say about Monkeybone. The family film "just tanked" in 12th place. "It didn't even finish in the top ten. I can't believe how badly it did. I still can't believe it. They didn't do a lot of marketing on it. I think that was one of the problems. It didn't seem to appeal to anybody."

The opening of Monkeybone is a personal worst for star Brendan Fraser, although Hibberd points out, "You have to admire an actor who can stretch that way. He doesn't have to play the groovy, hip leading man guy. He's not afraid to make a fool of himself. Unfortunately for him, i some cases, he's making bad choices."

Monkeybone isn't going to disappear, said Hibberd. "It's gone."

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