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If The Economy Is War, Who Is The Enemy?

You've heard this said before no doubt.

The first casualty of war is the truth. There is a war of sorts going on in America right now.

The battlefield is the failed economy.

Each of us is a combatant and the Obama administration is trying to prosecute this war to the best of its ability.

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Who the enemy is exactly is a good question. The banks, the sub-prime lenders, the Securities and Exchange Commission? Is AIG the enemy?

To the victor goes the spoils and whoever wins this war will reap untold political wealth.

But, on Wednesday we heard from someone who might be the victim of a war crime.

Jake DeSantis worked for AIG. I read his letter in the Op-ed section of the New York Times today. He basically says the politicians and the press got it wrong.

He had nothing to do with the collapse and was trying to fix it, when he got a bonus. Reward became punishment. Desantis, collateral damage.

So he's leaving the front lines.
By Harry Smith

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