If It's Monday, This Must Be Guatemala...

What's it like to be on the road with the leader of the free world? CBS News Producer Kia Baskerville is letting us know, with an intriguing report filed over the weekend:
Traveling with the President of the United States is very exhausting and glamorous only to those who think so. But it's cool if you like long plane rides, choppers, motorcades, waiting – a lot of waiting – and running.

It may sound like I am whining, but it is an honor reserved for a select few.

President Bush is in the second of six full days of visiting five Latin American countries. The White House Press Corps took off from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on Thursday night. After a 9.5 hour flight we landed in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I have to admit I don't usually sleep on planes, but the flight was as smooth as butter. So I enjoyed the six hours of rest, knowing there wouldn't be another leg as long for the rest of our trip...

Curious? There's a lot more. Pour a second cup and enjoy.