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'If I Were President'

Weekly commentary by Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer.

Finally today, I call your attention to the words of 18-year-old Emily Nemeyer of Tampa, Florida. She recently won a contest sponsored by a student group called Freedom's Answer, in which teen-agers were asked to complete the sentence, 'If I were president.' Her answer was published in today's Parade magazine, and here is what she wrote.

'If I were president, I would remember what it was like to live with two hardworking parents barely eking out a living day by day. I would remember that there are always two, maybe even seven, sides to an argument. I would remember in times of war to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to ponder if it is truly worth the price to inscribe that many names on a wall once more. I would remember what it's like to stand on a beach, staring at the ocean and feeling completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I would remember how it felt to watch the second tower collapse live on television. I would remember and swell with pride at being an American.'

The words of 18-year-old Emily Nemeyer. When she is old enough to run for president, she'll get my vote. She may even get it before then.

By Bob Schieffer

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