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Woman in iconic Baton Rouge photo: "We do matter"

Iconic protest photo
Woman in iconic Baton Rouge protest photo speaks out 01:14

A powerful image from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, last weekend quickly swept the nation.

It shows a woman named Ieshia Evans standing her ground during protests after a police shooting, as officers in riot gear rush towards her. The photo has since been hailed as a symbol of the peace demonstrators are asking for.

She told "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King that she stepped up after seeing an officer adjust his weapon.

"I needed to see them, I needed to see their faces," she said. Evans continued, saying she wanted the officers to see that she is just a human -- a mother, a nurse, and a human being just like them.

"We don't have to beg to matter. We do matter."

See more of King's interview in the video above, and Friday on "CBS This Morning".

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