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"J4" -- Jessi, Jedidiah, Josiah and Josephine Smith -- siblings from Bluff City, Tenn., are the winners of The Early Show's "Singing Family Face Off" competition and a deal with CBS Records.

After receiving hundreds of entries, we narrowed the field down to six singing families who competed live on The Early Show.

Read more about the families and watch their performances .

(Weekly winner highlighted in bold)

Week 1: (2/25) Oswalds vs.Boardwines

Week 2: (3/4) Peays vs. Lorentzens

Week 3: (3/11) J4 vs. Sledge Grits Band

Week 4: (3/18) Semifinals: Oswalds, Peays and J4

Week 5: (3/22) Finals: Peays and J4

Week 6: (4/1) Winning family announced

We knew you were a talented bunch!
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