Republican Challenger pronounced (cray-poh)

Age: 47

Born: May 20, 1951 in Idaho Falls, ID

Education: Harvard University, J.D.(1977); University of Utah; Brigham Young University, B.A.(1973)

Military: none

Family: Married - Susan, 5 children

Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID

Religion: Mormon

Career: U.S. House of Representatives(1992-present); Idaho State Senate (1984-92); attorney

· Republican Congressman Michael Crapo began his political career in the Idaho State House. In 1984, he capitalized on an opportunity to run for the state Senate when reapportionment increased the number of seats Idaho was allotted from 35 to 42. During his twelve years in legislature, he served as Republican Floor leader and president pro tem.

· Crapo was elected to the U.S. House in 1992, defeating the Democratic State Controller J.D. Williams with 63% of the vote. The energetic freshman was elected New Member Leader and emerged as a true conservative in the body. He opposed President Clinton's economic stimulus plan and introduced a bill requiring federal spending cuts to go directly toward deficit reduction.

· After graduating from law school, Michael Crapo worked as a Clerk in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and then practiced law in San Diego for another year. Later he joined his brother, Terry, back in Idaho to practice in his firm. Soon after Crapo returned to Idaho Falls, his brother died from a rare form of leukemia.

· More importantly than his profession strides, Crapo made great personal strides, toward forming his own political identity, with his move to Washington. In Idaho, he seemed to operate in the political shadow of his brother, Terry Crapo. The older Crapo was the Republican Floor Leader, in the ID Senate, two decades earlier and a favorite for Governor until he decided to retire from poliics to spend more time with his family.

· Crapo is completing his third term in the U.S. House. During his tenure, he has served on the Commerce and Agriculture Committees. He was easily re-elected in 1994 with 75% of the vote over Democrat Penny Fletcher. In 1996, Crapo gathered 69% of the vote in his race against challenger, Democrat John Seidl.

· Crapo is an active member of the Church of Latter-day Saints. At age 31, Crapo became a bishop in his church. Upon election, he was officially 'released' from his position.