Iconic bridge from Hollywood movies to shut down

The 6th Street Bridge was featured in "Drive," starring Ryan Gosling.


There's one Hollywood legend you won't see in films anymore, and as usual, it will be replaced by a younger, fresher counterpart.

But this is no leading man: It's actually an iconic structure.

The 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles is to be demolished, starting this week, and fans are bidding their farewells.

The bridge, which was built in 1932, has been seen in many movies, TV shows and music videos, but its sentimental value wasn't enough to save it from a case of "concrete cancer," according to the Los Angeles Times. Its cement supports had begun to crumble due to a chemical problem called alkali silica reaction.

The city will build a new bridge in its place, a $449-million project which is to be completed in 2019. The new one will have a similar design to the old one.

Watch the video below to see a movie montage of Hollywood's favorite bridge.

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