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Threats of ICE raids spark fear in immigrant families

Families worried about ICE raids
Immigrant families worried about potential ICE raids 01:39

Miami — President Trump said a nationwide crackdown on illegal immigrants over the weekend were "very successful." CBS News has repeatedly reached out to Immigration and Customs Enforcement to find out how many were detained. But so far, there's been no response.

The raids are sparking fear in some communities. In the basement of a church in New Jersey, volunteers took questions from anxious immigrants like "Jose," who asked CBS News not to use his real name.

"I'm just scared one morning, all my dreams and all my expectations and all my freedom just disappear," he said.

He came to the U.S. from Mexico 20 years ago and was given a deportation order two years ago after being pulled over for a broken tail light. He's now a father of three U.S. citizen children, including 13-year-old Fernando.

They are so worried, they've covered up the windows at their home and even barricaded the front door. For Fernando, every day feels like it could his last with his dad.
"The time I feel more worried is in the night. That last hug I give my dad, the last kiss I give him, is the last time I feel I'm never gonna see him again," Fernando said.

There was no sign of increased activity at an ICE facility in Florida Monday. The administration laid out a new rule that would essentially block most asylum-seekers from Central America and other countries. But that rule appears to be headed for a court battle.

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