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Ice Cube Returns In Sequel

Ice Cube, one of the pioneers of gangsta rap, appears in a new movie titled Next Friday opening on Jan. 12.

This sequel to the 1995 film Friday shows how the dangers and violence of an inner-city neighborhood follow Ice Cube's character Craig to suburbia.

And he spoke about it with Bryant Gumbel on The Early Show.

Acting and rapping have made Ice Cube's life quite exciting, even though at certain times both arenas have been in conflict, he says.

"I couldn't tour my last album because I was working on Three Kings, and, you know, that's a little conflict, but I've been able to juggle it well," he says. "So I'm going to keep doing it."

Right now he is holding back on the release of his new album, War & Peace Vol. 2: The Peace Disc, because Next Friday is coming out. Ice Cube, also co-wrote the film's script, has the only screenwriting credit and produced it.

"The soundtrack has been successful, and it's, like, why push too many things out there, he explains.

Next Friday is a funny sequel to his 1995 film Friday, a successful comedy about a day in the 'hood.

"What makes it so natural to people and what makes it so funny is that it's so real," he says, explaining why his character and his friend Smokey spend a lot of time on-screen blowing dope.

So what's next for the talented performer?

After receiving critical acclaim for his performance in Three Kings, Cube says his mailbox is pretty much filled up.

"But I'm picky. I have, you know, the comfort zone of being able to go back to rapping or film," he adds.

And as for rapping, his new album shows a tamer side of Cube.

"I just wanted to say something else. I got different things to say. I'm not just one-sided," he says, adding, "When I made my first records, I was 18. Now I'm 30."

"When you're young, you don't understand what's going on out there. You think you do. But you really don't," he adds.

For more information, read the following biographical sketch.

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