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<i>Blair Witch</i> Casts A Spell

The buzz in Hollywood and anywhere there are movie fans this summer is about a low-budget horror film that pretends to be a documentary. Check out the following stories about the summer's runaway hit:
Blair Witch Can Cause Nausea
The camera work in The Blair Witch Project is in constant motion, giving some viewers motion sickness. The horror for movie theater employees is that they have to clean up the mess.
The Men Behind The Madness
Eduardo Sanchez and Dan Myrick are two filmmakers who have given new meaning to the term cinèma verité. CBS News Correspondent Russ Mitchell reports for This Morning.
A Town Haunted By A Witch Film
The small Maryland town of Burkittsville is facing big notoriety, as the setting for The Blair Witch Project, reports CBS News Correspondent Bob Fuss.
Suit Claims Blair Witch Role
A Florida man tells CBS affiliate WKMG-TV he's suing the makers of The Blair Witch Project, claiming he got no credit for early involvement in the film.
Reality Check on Blair Witch
The marketing scheme for The Blair Witch Project has convinced many fans that the movie tells a true story of three young filmmakers lost in the woods.

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