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IAI Documentary Exposes Blackwater's Crimes in Iraq

The Iraqi militant group "the Islamic Army in Iraq" (IAI) released a 22:24 minute documentary-style video denouncing "crimes" perpetrated by U.S. security contactors in Iraq. The group, in cooperation with al-Buraq media, dedicated a whole section of its website for this jointly produced release entitled "Bloody Contracts."

The video opens with old library footage of the 2004 killing of four Blackwater Security contractors who had been ambushed in Fallujah. The men had their bodies burned and were later hung on a bridge by a large crowd of Fallujans. This is probably the first time that any group claimed responsibility for this attack.

The film goes on to show other attacks by private security contractors against Iraqi civilians, showing excerpts from the famous clips of security agents opening fire on non-hostile bypassing vehicles. This is followed by a compilation of attacks carried out by the group against security contractors in the Sunni triangle area. The video also includs pictures of two Blackwater guards killed by the group in al-Fadhl area in Baghdad. "The brothers managed to down two helicopters and killed its entire crew," says a masked operative who allegedly took part in the attack. "We even managed to film the bodies of two guards who had been pulled out of the helicopter, using a mobile phone camera," he adds. The video shows booty and arms seized during the attack as well as pictures found on the personal camera of one of the guards killed in the attack.


The film is presented with English narration by a fluent English speaker and has subtitles. It is interrupted twice by commercials promoting the online activities of both groups
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