IAEA pressures Iran for access to military site

(CBS News) Officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are set to meet with Iranian officials Friday over the country's nuclear program.

It's their first meeting since negotiations broke down in June. The IAEA report will be finalized and submitted in September.

Today is Iran's chance to provide a full account of its nuclear program to the IAEA before the agency files its official report.

Access to an alleged testing site, the Parchin military complex is a key issue. Satellite images show that two buildings and the security perimeter were destroyed over the past four months.

Satellite pics said to show Iran nuclear site cleanup

There are piles of dirt and demolished buildings where parts of the complex once stood. It had been untouched since 2004. Investigators want to verify whether explosives were tested there. Iran says it's already provided the information required.

The U.N. secretary general is headed to Tehran next week for a meeting. Iran wants to show that it is not isolated, and that it has international support for nuclear development.

Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei told the Iranian people to prepare for the consequences of nuclear defiance - in other words, tough times. Sanctions have sent food prices sky-high, wiped out half of the currency's value and drained more than $100 million a day from the Iranian economy.

  • Margaret Brennan

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