<i>48 Hours</i>: Fight To Survive

The Heroes Who Saved Thousands

48 Hours reports on the heroes who helped save thousands when the twin towers were attacked, on the possible sources of the anthrax incidents, and on how companies are responding to the threat.

48 Hours: Unsung Heroes: When the twin towers were hit, the workers in charge of the buildings could have escaped. But they stayed to help thousands of others escape.

Port Authority Heroes: Part 2: When the buildings collapsed, some of these workers suddenly found themselves trapped. Could they escape?

Inside WTC 1: Thousands made it out of World Trade Center 1. Among those people were Louis Lesce and Michael Benfante. Read their incredible stories.

Special Security: In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks, companies across the country are rushing to make themselves more secure.

Tracing The Source Of The Anthrax: A former Soviet biowar scientist talks about his career, and the threat facing the U.S. He offers his ideas about where the anthrax originated.

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