<i>48 Hours:</i> Addicted To It All?

Former Supermodel Battles Multiple Addictions

It's not unusual for people to be addicted to drugs, sex, alcohol, or even plastic surgery. But former super model Janice Dickinson is addicted to them all.

"You can't offer me an ounce of hair henna, you can't offer me an ounce of flour to make a cake or you can't offer me an ounce of cocaine. I will abuse everything," she tells 48 Hours correspondent Bill Lagattuta.

Her story is among those on addiction to be profiled Friday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT on48 Hours Investigates. Others will look at whether the Washington sniper is working out of an addiction of his own, why someone would risk everything to steal something he or she could easily afford and whether computer games can be addictive.

In her prime in the mid '70s, Dickinson' was on many a magazine cover, proof that But, by her own accounts, she was out of control. She became addicted to drugs and alcohol, and everything else that went with the life of a glamorous supermodel.

"Just being so in demand, that's what I got off on," she says.
Men became just another addiction and a list of the ones she was involved in reads like a Who's Who of Hollywood royalty in the '70s and '80s.

Now, at age 47, Dickinson looks back on her life and says that she believes her addictions come from her childhood, that she was numbing herself to abuse in the home.

She describes sexual abuse of her sister by her father, and verbal abuse by her father of her. She says that her father kept telling her she would never amount to anything, and so she decided to prove him wrong.