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"I will be attacked by fellow conservatives for saying this": Tomi Lahren shares surprising opinion on Alabama abortion law

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren shared her opinion on Alabama's new abortion law on Thursday, even though she said she knew fellow conservatives would "attack" her. The Fox News contributor, who used to host a conservative show on TheBlaze, has what some would consider a more liberal stance on abortion rights.

"I will be attacked by fellow conservatives for saying this, but so be it," Lahren prefaced her opinion-sharing. Then she stated, "this Alabama abortion ban is too restrictive."

"It doesn't save life, it simply forces women into more dangerous methods, other states or countries. You don't encourage life via blanket government mandate!" she tweeted. Lahren's opinion on recent abortion laws are contradictory to to the Republican Party platform. 

As Lahren expected, she got a lot of feedback on Twitter — but while some was negative, she did receive some notes of praise as well.  

Lahren responded only one person's comment — Faith Goldy, a Canadian politician with far-right views, who was banned from Facebook for violating the company's policy on "organized hate," according to The New York Times. Goldy called Lahren "anti-Christian, anti-family, and anti-freedom" for her views on abortion.

"If you think banning abortion with no exception for rape or incest will stop women from terminating pregnancy, you're not being honest with yourself," Lahren responded to Goldy. "P.S. you're not God so don't you dare evaluate my Christian faith based on your moral superiority complex."

Lahren has made headlines for her high-profile feuds, including ones with Cardi B and Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The outspoken commentator often receives widespread backlash for her provocative political statements.

The 26-year-old was suspended from TheBlaze in 2017 for sharing her opinion on abortion rights during an appearance on "The View."

"Stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well," Lahren said on the talk show. The commentator later alleged that she was fired from TheBlaze after she said she was in favor of abortion rights on the ABC show.

Lahren filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against TheBlaze which was settled in May 2017.

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