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Hypnotic: Slow tornado video is totally mesmerizing

(CBS) - I hate to admit this, but... your blogger here unfortunately can't seem to figure out too much on the background information for this hypnotic and beautiful video, entitled "Tornado in Pupping Vlies from Strawberryfield."

Is that a strawberry field or is Strawberryfield a location nearby? Shrug. Where is Pupping Vlies? There is a municipality of Pupping in Austria, but I'm not sure about Pupping Vlies. Do these things matter? Maybe... 

The major thing you should know about this video is it depicts a long piece of fabric caught in tornado winds swirling gently over a beautiful field. As you're watching it, your troubles will melt away, your heart will still and the jerk in the next cubicle will vanish.

Well maybe not, but it's still pretty cool.

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