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Hydrogen Peroxide, Household Helper!

Clever Uses For Peroxide 03:22

Hydrogen peroxide is sold just about everywhere and is commonly known as a solution that helps clean out scrapes, cuts and bruises. But how about using it as a hair lightener, or as a way to clean your meats, or as a plant fertilizer?

Julie Edelman, author of "The Ultimate Accidental Housewife," stopped by The Early Show to share some hydrogen peroxide wisdom.

Edelman recommends that you buy the solution made up of 97 percent water and 3 percent peroxide, since peroxide in its pure form can be dangerous. Also, for various uses, you have to dilute that solution in more water.

The reason hydrogen peroxide is sold in dark -- often brown -- bottles is that hydrogen peroxide solution can break down easily; the dark bottles filter out sun light. And Edelman recommends storing it in a cool place. You should wear rubber gloves when handling hydrogen peroxide.

Edelman's hydrogen peroxide tips:

Kill Kitchen Bacteria:
Kitchens are a huge source of bacteria in the home, and spraying hydrogen peroxide or using a dampened rag on cutting boards after you're cut your meats and veggies could kill those germs.

Bathroom Uses:
Spraying hydrogen peorxide in bathtooms can kill mold, which can cause allergies. Bathrooms are a huge source of molds and bacteria, and spraying hydrogen peroxide on tiles, bathtubs, faucets and sinks can help kill them.

Hydrogen peroxide makes a great pre-treatment. Simply spray on and leave, and the stain will abate.

Naturally highlight hair by simply combining your hydrogen peroxide store-bought solution with water (about half and half). Hair will naturally lighten over time.

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