Hybrid jobs: How to make yourself an appealing candidate

Hybrid jobs: How to be an appealing candidate
Hybrid jobs: How to be an appealing candidate... 03:41

More and more employers are looking to fill so-called "hybrid jobs" according to a new report by job market analytics company Burning Glass Technologies. Hybrid jobs are positions that require a combination of creative and technical skills. The study found 12 percent of all job openings are for hybrid jobs, with growth for these positions expected to be 21 percent in the next 10 years – more than double the rate for jobs overall. 

Here are some tips from the study to help make you a more attractive candidate for hybrid jobs:

Develop your tech skills

One of the first things Burning Glass recommends is developing your skills with digital tools and in digital technology. With so many jobs being augmented by machines, one's ability to adapt to new systems is crucial. According to the study, marketing managers who know SQL, for example, make 41 percent more money than those who do not. 

Get comfortable with data

The interpretation, visualization and communication of data analytics is another important skill that touches nearly every industry today. Most high-paying jobs, according to Burning Glass' report, require employees to be able to handle analytics and data. 

Know the fundamentals of business and management

A strong foundation in the basics of business and management is also becoming a requirement for many jobs. A third of IT jobs now  and 57 percent of engineering positions now require business and leadership skills, according to the study. Overall, workers who have experience in business and project management tend to earn more than those who don't. 

Learn how to think like a creative

Even technology-heavy jobs like IT now require some form of digital design. While we can often rely on machines to automate and recommend decisions or analyze data, people are needed to create user experiences, systems and platforms that humans use every day. According to Burning Glass Technologies' report, 54 percent of all IT jobs now require some form of digital design and more than than one-quarter of tech jobs require design.