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Husband drops down on one knee to propose to wife again after 63 years of marriage

Man re-proposes after 63 years of marriage
Man drops to one knee, re-proposes to wife after 63 years of marriage 01:18

After 63 years of marriage, one couple from Texas is stronger than ever. Karl and Donna Von Schwarz are high school sweethearts who have been through it all together. They've overcome a lot, especially in the last year, and Karl wanted to make a recommitment of his love to Donna. So he dropped down on one knee and re-proposed — more than six decades after he did the first time.

The couple married in 1956 and had four kids together — followed by nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, with one more on the way, their granddaughter Karly Gibbs told CBS News. 

Donna and Karl first got married in 1956 and had four kids, nine grandkids and nine great-grandkids, with one more on the way. The Gibbs and Von Schwarz Families

They've seen a lot of joys and sorrows, but 2018 was their most trying year yet. Donna spent most of the year in the hospital after receiving open heart surgery and then suffering a seizure and stroke, Gibbs said. Donna, who is 81 years old, continued to have health complications throughout the year and was in and out of rehab after each incident.

"Grandpa never left her side," Gibbs said. "The rehab center brought in a chair where he slept every night until she was strong enough to come home."

Karl, 84, promised his wife he would buy her a brand-new engagement ring when she came home. That seemed to be motivation for Donna. 

Early this month, Karl wheeled Donna into a department store and picked out a diamond ring. Their family tagged along and encouraged Karl to drop down on one knee to make it official. He did, and the video of the engagement went viral. 

"What in the world?" Donna said when Karl proposed. She was as giddy as she was the first time he popped the question.

The couple renewed their vows to celebrate their everlasting love. After 63 years of marriage, they already had a love story for the ages — now it's just been renewed. 

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