Hungarian police arrest hundreds of migrants under new laws

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HORGOS, Serbia -- Hungary began cracking down Tuesday on migrants with tough new laws aimed at sealing the border. That left hundreds stranded at the border with Serbia.

Hundreds of migrants converged at the Hungarian border climbing on the barricades demanding to be let in.

When they had found their main route along a railway line blocked, they searched for any opening they could find.

Hungarian police seemed to be taken by surprise at what happened. CBS News watched as hundreds of migrants poured in from the fields. They raced to shut the metal barriers, sealing the border between Serbia and Hungary. CBS News was pushed back, and now it's a standoff.

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Police arrested hundreds of migrants under new laws that made the crossing illegal.

On the other side of the border in Serbia, CBS News found a makeshift refugee camp just off the highway.

More migrants were arriving by the hour, even though they already knew Hungary had sealed its borders.

Atif from Syria told CBS News there was no way anybody could turn back now.

"I don't have a choice. What happened here I will wait, Hungary opens the door. It's only chance for us," he said.

Hungary is now only permitting a handful of migrants through -- only if they seek asylum. But few qualify and the rest are deported.

The backlog -- and anger -- continue to grow against a country the migrants only want to travel through as fast as they can.