Hundreds of stolen hogs add up to 10 years in prison for Minn. man

CBS Minnesota
(CBS) HAYFIELD, Minn. - A Minnesota man who stole more than 900 pigs in two waves of hog heists has been sentenced to spend 10 years in prison, CBS Minnesota reports.

That comes to roughly four days behind bars for each pig stolen by John Arndt, 44, of Hayfield, Minn.

Last year, 750 pigs disappeared from two farms in central Minnesota. Then 200 more pigs disappeared from producers in Mitchell County in northern Iowa, according to CBS Minnesota.

Arndt faced charges including ongoing criminal conduct and first-degree theft.

In addition to prison time, he must also pay $55,000 in restitution.

The case against another man accused of helping Arndt pilfer the pigs is still pending.