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Humanitarian aid moving in to Libya

GENEVA - A spokeswoman for the United Nations' World Food Program said the agency signed an agreement with the Libyan Red Crescent to establish a humanitarian corridor, and "we received an indication that the government did not have any objection."

Emilia Casella told reporters Tuesday that WFP trucks are already bringing humanitarian aid to feed 50,000 people for one month.

The food will be distributed by the Libyan Red Crescent in Tripoli, Zintan, Yefrin, Nalut, Mizda, Al Reiba and Zawiya.

Libyan State TV reported today that a Qaddafi government officials confirmed the signing last Sunday of an agreement facilitating the U.N. humanitarian mission in Libya.

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The United Nations World Food Program said today that food assistance is being moved through a new humanitarian corridor into western Libya.

A convoy of 8 trucks carrying 240 metric tons of wheat flour and 9.1 metric tons of high energy biscuits — enough to feed nearly 50,000 people for a month — crossed into western Libya Monday from Ras Jedir in Tunisia.

"Securing this humanitarian corridor is a first vital step in reaching thousands of hungry people affected by the conflict — in particular women, children and elderly people — whose food supplies are running alarmingly short," said WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran.

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