"Human Slingshot" gets a high-flying and fun sequel

(CBS News) Way back in that idyllic time period we referred to as 2011, when I was still very young and "green" in the world of blogging, I posted a video demonstrating some high-flying fun in the sun in the form of a "human slingshot." Now, almost two years later, and with a lot of wisdom and experience gained since that long-ago time, I get to revisit that video with the sequel above. So click play and let's all take a moment to reminisce together.

Ah, the sweet memories of days gone by! The somehow even more fun and extreme redux version comes courtesy of Devin Graham (aka DevinSuperTramp)who has been featured here on The Feed way too many times to count now, and who continues to impress us with each new piece he puts out. And you're asking what exactly have I learned since that time period? (Shrug) I don't know... People continue to still like cats on the Internet (but grumpier now) or something like that? Look, I was trying to be sardonically rhetorical, people! Anyways, getting back on topic, to check out more great work by Devin Grahambe sure to look at our previous posts on him by clicking here or click here to go to his YouTube page.